Business services ——Customs planning

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1、Commodity pre-audit service

(1)Pre-classification service: pre-classification consultation of goods before import and export activities

①Define the commodity classification tax number in advance to ensure sufficient processing time for the required regulatory documents for customs clearance;

② Timely detection of prohibited and restricted goods by the Customs to reduce the risk of violation by enterprises and trade losses;

③ Improve the limitation of customs clearance, and reduce the risks and losses caused by classification such as in-process inspection and post-verification;

④.According to the adjustment of customs tariff, regularly prompt update, to ensure the accuracy of declaration;

⑤.Comply with the requirements of customs standard declaration and enterprise certification, and achieve compliance management.

(2)Price and country of origin consultation

① Conduct reasonable analysis on the price composition, reduce the probability of being evaluated, and improve the customs clearance time;

② Prepare reasonable price proof materials in advance and speed up the time limit of price negotiation;

③ Determine the accuracy of origin and reduce the verification risk;

④ determine whether to enjoy agreement tax rate, to help enterprises to reduce costs.

(3)Declaration and compliance management: after the import and export activities are carried out, the compliance review of customs clearance and declaration shall be conducted

① Effectively sorted out the declaration of import and export commodities of enterprises, timely proactively disclosed the declaration errors, and reduced the risks of enterprises;

② Establish a compliant commodity classification and standard declaration element database to ensure the uniqueness of the declaration information of the same commodity;

③ Meet the customs AEO certification requirements, and help enterprises to establish and improve the risk prevention and control system of import and export trade.

2、AEO certification tutoring

(1) Conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation of enterprises applying for AEO certification;

(2) Analyze AEO certification related systems and documents;

(3) Help enterprises build AEO certification standard management system;

(4) Conduct pre-inspection and guidance on internal audit for enterprises applying for AEO certification;

(5) Customized development of customs management system for enterprises applying for AEO certification.

3、Application for Tax Deduction or exemption

(1) Provide advice and evaluation on import policy of tax reduction and exemption;

(2)Assist in the preparation of the Feasibility Study Report;

(3)Assist in handling the Confirmation Letter of Domestic and Foreign Investment Projects encouraged by the State

(4)Review Form of Filing Application for Tax Reduction and Exemption Items

Agent for Customs Import and Export Certificate of Duty Collection and Exemption of Import and Export Goods


Agent customs administrative examination and approval business:

① Acting as import and export consignee or consignor for customs record, change and annual audit

② Acting as agent for e-port card application, alteration and cancellation

Customs inspection and quarantine examination and approval business:

① Certificate of origin: certificate of origin for export commodities

② Quality certificate of returned goods: The returned imported goods need an official quality certificate

③ Quality certificate of repaired goods: The certificate of unqualified goods issued by the official is required for the export of repaired goods

④ Pre-inspection of used mechanical and electrical products: record of pre-inspection of imported used mechanical and electrical products

⑤ Paint record: imported paint, paint required record

Acting as agent for market supervision, administration and approval:

 Exemption from 3C certification: the certification exemption procedures for goods exempted from 3C certification granted by the state

Acting as agent for the Commission's approval business:

① Record the registration form of foreign trade managers

② Automatic Import License of mechanical and electrical Products: Import of mechanical and electrical products under the supervision condition O

③ Automatic import license: mainly used for importing chemical, metal and other raw materials, with supervision conditions of 7

④ Import and export license for dual-use items and technologies: mainly used for import of chemicals, with supervision conditions of 2 and 3

5、Customs management consulting

In the framework of law and policy, according to the enterprise development planning, environmental analysis, internal resources and process evaluation as the prerequisite, make full use of the relevant preferential tax policies, comply with customs related supervision system, establish a sound internal control, regulate the behavior of import and export business, optimize the mode of integration of enterprise internal logistics, customs affairs management system should be established in order to eventually realize the business process optimization, to achieve the purposes of compliance and risk prevention, shorten the cycle of supply chain, customs affairs related to reduce costs, promote enterprise efficiency gains.

①Publicity of customs policies;

② Enterprise customs project planning;

③ Trade compliance management and risk control;

④ Other customs management consulting services.