Business services——Customs declaration business

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1. Import and export customs declaration for sea and air transportation

Undertake the import and export air and sea customs clearance business of all ports in the country, provide professional import and export agent clearance services, develop a sound clearance plan, prompt the risk prediction in the process of customs clearance.

Provide integrated declaration, declaration in advance, two-step declaration convenient customs clearance services, to provide customers with more efficient customs clearance experience.

Provide finished equipment, spare parts, dangerous goods and ordinary chemicals, fresh, cold storage and other types of import and export customs clearance agent services.

Provide inland port clearance and logistics transportation services.


2. Customs declaration in special supervision area

To undertake customs clearance business in special supervised areas, provide customs clearance planning schemes in bonded areas and bonded logistics parks, and help enterprises enjoy preferential policies such as import tax reprieves and export tax rebates.

Provide declaration of bonded area transit goods, bonded logistics park one - day tour agent customs clearance services.

Provide bonded warehouse inbound and outbound agent clearance services.

Provide warehousing, packaging, packaging, simple processing and other services within the park.

3. International express customs declaration

Undertake international express customs clearance business, track the status of parcel goods throughout the process, provide fast and efficient customs clearance services.

Provide air and railway international express declaration.

Provide domestic sub-packing, delivery and transportation services.


4. Customs declaration of personal belongings

To undertake the customs clearance business of personal daily articles of overseas students, diplomats and other people and articles carried back to China.Plan the customs clearance form according to the goods list provided by customers, budget the tax payment amount and optimize the customs clearance plan.


5. Declaration of customs clearance of ships and aircraft

Undertake the import and export customs clearance business of the complete machine, spare parts, materials and oil supply of ships and aircraft to ensure the smooth compliance of customs clearance of ships and aircraft.

Provide aircraft import and export clearance services.

Provide import customs clearance service for parts and components used in international aircraft maintenance.

Provide customs declaration service for materials and oils used by international or domestic vessels and aircraft.


6.  Processing trade business declaration

Provide processing trade customs planning and evaluation services.

To provide bonded business implementation balance verification services.

Undertake processing trade electronic hand (account) book record, change, cancel after verification business.

Undertake hand (account) book of deep processing carry-over, leftover material carry-over customs business.

Undertake hand (account) book of scraps, leftover material tax declaration business.

Undertake the business of abandoning, destroying and removing the supervision customs declaration in advance.

Undertake the input and declaration of the audit list.