Party construction leads and Promotes the Development of Party construction and joint construction and synergy -- Bank of China Xinchuang Sub-branch and Yongcheng Shijia held the party construction conclusion and co-construction signing ceremony

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On August 4, 2020, under the active coordination of Wang Xiang, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chunhua Street, and Zhang Silla, deputy secretary of the Party, the Signing ceremony of party construction, conclusion and co-construction between The Branch Committee of The New Open Branch of Bank of China and the Branch Committee of the Yongcheng Shijia branch of the Communist Party of China was officially launched. Zhang Dewen, vice President and party committee member of Hedong Sub-branch of Bank of China, Zhang Jian, Party branch secretary and operation sub-branch President of Xinchuang Sub-Branch, Kou Yi, General manager of Tianjin Yongcheng Shijia International Freight Forwarding Co., LTD, Feng Na, Party branch secretary of Yongcheng Shijia and party representatives of both parties attended the signing ceremony.



In the presence of the participants, party branch secretaries of both parties signed the Agreement on Party Building and Joint Construction and the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. At the symposium, leading members of the two sides first Shared and exchanged in-depth views on the development history of the party branch, characteristics of party building and anti-epidemic experience, and at the same time set the direction for future cooperation in party building and joint construction.



1、Branch construction co-owner

Both party branch will actively play a leading role, through joint to carry out the party day activity, widen the channels to learn about party construction of party members, share each other in such aspects as the party's organization construction, style construction of successful experience, formed "resource sharing, brand building, combination, common development" of the party building work mechanism.


2、Resource sharing common chain

Party branches of both parties will carry out trainings and exchanges for party members from time to time. Yongcheng Shijia will provide industry policies and professional knowledge information for co-construction, help Bank of China to comprehensively and deeply understand customs declaration and logistics industry, and improve its business level and risk research and judgment ability. Bank of China selects business backbone to regularly visit enterprises to carry out financial product knowledge training, and tailor-made customized services for enterprise employees. Both sides work together to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.


3、Service innovation develops together

According to the future development ideas of enterprises and combined with the advantages of bank of China products, Bank of China will effectively align its banking financial services with the development of enterprises, so as to continuously provide comprehensive and high-quality comprehensive financial services for enterprises and inject continuous financial vitality into the development of enterprises.


4、Share social responsibilities

Yongcheng Shijia will join hands with Bank of China, take voluntary services and public welfare activities as the starting point, actively fulfill social responsibilities, drive more enterprises and individuals around with practical actions, actively participate in social service activities, jointly practice social responsibility, and create more social value.



This activity strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between party branches of both sides, and set up a platform for party construction and joint construction, which laid a good foundation for both sides to realize the common promotion and common development of party construction and business. Through this party building, the relationship between Bank of China and Yongcheng Shijia will be closer, which opens a good situation for the two sides to further promote the new bank-enterprise strategic partnership of mutual complementarity and win-win cooperation, and opens a new chapter of bank-enterprise win-win cooperation together!