Yongcheng Shijia "two new" Party branch to chunhua Street to carry out the "summer to send cool, two new warm people" party construction theme activities "party construction theme activities

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In the morning of July 30, Feng Na, secretary of The Party branch of Yongcheng Shijia International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. and her party went to Chunhua Street to carry out the theme activity of "Sending cool and refreshing in summer, two new heart-warming" party construction and co-construction, and sent watermelons, soda and other summer heat relief materials to the street frontline staff. Street Party work committee deputy secretary, office director Zhang Sai Le receives.



Fruitful street, vice secretary of teo ser luck to yongcheng the beautiful "two new" party branch of cool and refreshing condolences to express my heartfelt thanks to action, ask patience to enterprises in normal and epidemic prevention, resume work reaches producing, the respect such as operation management confusion of difficult, careful records, leaned in response to concerns, and thanks to yongcheng the preferred party member volunteer service in epidemic prevention and control in the war, the "three a" tough made positive contributions, told the enterprise staff pay close attention to the body, distribute work, strengthening construction of grass-roots party organizations to "two new" enterprise party construction and echoes TongPinGongZhen, two-way street high quality development, both strength and temperature.


Yongcheng Shijia Party branch secretary Feng Na said, will not forget the original intention, maintain calm, cautious, continue to resume work and production, "three innovation" and other economic and social fields as a role, shine, with the strength of the enterprise to continue to open the new prosperous business circle economy, beautiful door chunhua contribute wisdom.