Pay tribute to August 1, Thanksgiving guard -- Yongcheng Shijia condolences to the front-line public security officers

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   On July 30, 2020, in the people's liberation army was approaching 93 birthday, fruitful street working committee secretary is introduced, vice secretary of departments, offices, director of the public security hedong teo ser luck led yongcheng the preferred party branch to branch of fruitful police station visits condolences, to the public security police officers, basic-level policemen high respects and festive greetings, booster street domain "two new" organization of party to build and interactive development. The general manager of Yongcheng Shijia Company kou Yi, Li Shan, Party branch Secretary Feng Na and party member representatives attended the activity.



    Sympathy, fruitful commissar Mr. Lau street police station first thanked the streets and enterprise concern and sympathy, and said the public security policemen as an important force in the domain of social stability maintenance street, street, promote enterprise development, booster resume work reaches producing, and performance of the earthly mission is duty-bound, will the street in the future and enterprise's understanding of police work motivation, as always, cooperate with the work of enterprises in the field of street and street, strengthen development, strengthen the maintenance and streets and good situation of enterprises, the advocacy, heart to heart, to continue to guarantee "the last kilometer" harmonious and stable, long-term contribution to police force, Repay the care of all walks of life with practical action.



    Fruitful street working committee secretary is introduced to fruitful police station for a long time to support the development of the construction of streets, express our heartfelt thanks to ensure security, especially in epidemic prevention and control as a whole and double fight double win, win economic and social development play a news since the city completed, resolutely implement the primavera police station with the unified plan of the city, district party committee, the pressure dependency ShiLa fine police duties, accurate should register whistle, at any time, and on the street all the party members and cadres, and all the people work together, grow together, overcome difficulties and carry burdens, dare to fight,, We have made positive contributions to the initial progress in the battle against the epidemic, in the joint campaign to resume work and reach production, and in the decisive battle to establish a new health system.



    Kou Yi, general manager of Yongcheng Shijia, said that the development of the enterprise cannot be achieved without the efforts of the public security officers. Thanks to the efforts made by Chunhua police Station to maintain the public security of street areas over the years, the enterprise has created a good business environment. In the future, we will continue to support the work within the street, and form a joint effort with the Chunhua Street police Station to jointly contribute to the creation of a harmonious Chunhua, Harmonious Hedong and harmonious Tianjin!

    Xu Yushui deep feeling, and seek common development of spring. In the future, the three parties will work together to speed up the construction of innovation and transformation demonstration zone, urban renewal practice zone, livable and business-oriented zone and Zhigu Cultural flourishing zone in Hedong District.