"Sanchuang Youme" series (10) -- Yongcheng Shijia Youth volunteer service team came to Jianxin Dongli Community in Hedong District to carry out "Saturday Volunteer Activity"

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   In order to implement the "Regulations on promoting Civilized Behavior in Tianjin", hedong District responds to the call of building a national civilized city. On the morning of July 18, 2020, members of yongcheng Shijia youth volunteer service team came to Jianxin Dongli community in Hedong District to carry out "Saturday Volunteer Activity".



    As the weather gets hotter, mosquitoes become more numerous. There are a lot of problems with the sanitation of community garbage cans, which give off smell and breed bacteria easily. With the current epidemic situation, this issue is even more urgent.

    Against the bright sun, the volunteers wiped all the sanitary nooks on the trash can and cleaned the body of the bucket. At the same time, they cleaned the garbage around the trash can.

    The residents saw the new trash can, took the volunteers' service in their eyes and took it to heart, and expressed their sincere thanks to the volunteers for their service activities. The activity on the day was unanimously praised by the residents and staff of the community.


     "Three creations" is not the end is only the means, is optimizes the urban environment, enhances the city grade pragmatic move. Helped the residents improve their living environment. I hope more residents can join us. Let us practice the tianjin civilization spirit promotion regulation, for the establishment of a national civilized city to contribute their own strength!