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Customer Service Department

Customer service is responsible for the communication with customer. Receiving the entrust from customer, we will assist you to prepare for the documents related to customs declaration and arrange the customs clearance reasonable. We also follow-up the cargoes closely in order to offer the newest information for you.

Customer Service Department

The customs declaration department of Tianjin YongChengShiJia is specialized in customs declaration, quarantine declaration. It locates in almost every customs in Tianjin and has plenty of experiences in the sector. We work constantly with General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PR China for many years to ensure the various aspects of our services.

Customs Business Consulting Department

The customs business consulting department of YongChengShiJia, major in consulting for all of the import and export enterprise, help you to make the whole scheme. Aimed to let our client know the process of the customs declaration, we also could provide the pre-classification and professional consulting services for our client.

 Finance Department

Finance department holds on the concept of accuracy, efficiency and credit. It takes the responsibility to the charges collected after the customs clearance. Our company will arrange the skillful staff to collect the customer’s information. According to give the warmth suggestion, the setting of the finance department can ensure the reasonable running of each part.

Warehousing and Transport Department

To ensure the cargoes delivery timely, safely and accurately is our top priority. The warehousing and transport department has warehouse and trucks under the customs supervision. Based on the law of the customs, we can arrange collection and dispatching flexibly. Warehouse under the customs supervision gives our client bonded and dispatched warehousing services. After the prefect combination of the warehousing and logistics, we can delivery cargoes at the first moment according to your requirement.