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      Yong-Cheng Shi Jia International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. in Tianjin is the Commerce Committee approved the registration of an International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., since its inception in September 1998, Yong-Cheng Shi Jia has obtained the qualification of the CTO, the right to their own customs, customsmonitoring team, the customs warehouse, pre-classified unit, the first class AA agent declaration enterprises nationwide Prozac declaration enterprises a number of industry qualifications. Is now operating range: customs operations; services: freight transport; handle container equipment, demolition, LCL, on behalf of Chu; international freight forwarding services (air, land, sea).
    Our business network has covered the North, East, South and other regions, and years of good cooperation with many foreign agent; service customers involved in the construction of national key projects and enterprises to engage in investment equipment, exhibits, temporary import and export, foreign trade commodity procurement and sales, warehousing, logistics and processing trade, the whole business, and can provide customers with different customs area, different regions, remote transit and other services.

    My company has a staff of more than 100 people, divided into the Customer Service Department, Customs Department, Customs Department, Transportation Department, the Finance Department five departments. The principle of "everyone should in good faith; dedicated work; pious attitude; services to be sincere" concept, relying on a comprehensive and strict management system, with professional skills and rich experience, I won the majority of customers trust has also been praised within the industry.
    Appraisal of the activities of the Tianjin Port, we have achieved excellent results. My company is currently vice president of the unit of Tianjin Customs Brokers Association, Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association, the governing unit.

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